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"I went to see Chantelle as my brain was full of ideas but I didn’t know where to start!

She really helped me focus more and make a plan.  Chantelle also helped me to understand that where I had been in my life and all my experiences, good and not so good have led me to this point and made me who I am, more able to help the people I want to help.  This helped me be a bit kinder to myself and not be so harsh on what I had previously thought of as misgivings.  I left her feeling as though I could do anything!

Chantelle is a very inspiring and motivating woman with a wealth of knowledge and many strings to her bow.  Her best trait is how she really gets her clients to figure out what they want and what they are going to do to make it happen.  I would thoroughly recommend her and look forward to more consultations to help me on my journey".


SM - Watford, Hertfordshire

What some of you have said ........

"I have found that the overall impact coaching has had on my goals has been extremely positive.  Working with Chantelle enabled me to set a clear, concise and strategic path for me to obtain my short and long-term goals.

With patience and a professional manner, Chantelle has enlightened my ability to achieve things I want in life.  I have happily recommended Chantelle to my friends".


SB - Ontario, Canada

"Chantelle, who would ever believe one year ago that I would be living the life I live today.

I had not confidence in myself, my health was suffering and the world seemed a very scary place to venture into.

With a lot of patience and humour and at times a much needed firm reminder, you guided me in the right direction in a very sensitive and practical manner.  The support I received was at all times non-judgemental, caring and empathetic.  I never felt pressurised or patronised.  By listening and teaching me new strategies, mind-sets and approaches to feelings, reactions and situations, I was given the tools to make positive changes to my life and to the life of my children.

I am in charge of my future for the first time in my life.  My health has improved and excess weight has come off.  I have moved to an area full of natural beauty and I have re-educated myself so that I now work in a job that I love.

Life still throws difficulties and obstacles are me but I feel that I can deal with them in a more confident manner and I am no longer paralysed with fear or thrown off track as easily anymore.  After meeting with you, I now feel empowered.  I don't just survive, I truly live!


From the bottom of my heart I thank you!


AM - Kings Langley, Hertfordshire

" I have a phobia when visiting the optician.  I get myself all wound up and feel shivers down my body before attending the appointment.  This problem has been on-going for some time and really affects me.  Since trying the NLP taster session, I have applied my resource anchor every time I felt anxious or worried about something, especially visits to the opticians with my children, and surprisingly it seems to have a positive impact on me.  I feel much calmer.  I would recommend this to a friend"


R M - St Albans, Hertfordshire

"Chantelle is an excellent coach, she has challenged my limiting beliefs and helped me to recognise and appreciate my strengths and values and base my decisions and goals on these.  Working with her has been an absolute pleasure and I am looking forward to continuing my coaching journey and self-development actions with her support.  In addition, Chantelle is also compassionate and inspiring as a Coach.  Her support during a particularly difficult time for me following redundancy has left me inspired, motivated and looking forward to the future.  I would certainly recommend Chantelle to anyone considering coaching or anyone who is at a difficult time in their life and needing support to find direction in their lives".


AP - Zurich, Switzerland

"When Chantelle first worked with me, I have to admit to being a little cynical about the reality of NLPs effectiveness.  Chantelle worked with me to change anxious feelings into a feeling of calm and relaxed state from head to toe.  


Easy to talk to, and feeling relaxed with, we talked through the exercises she used on me but when she triggered that feeling to test whether it worked, the overall body sensation was amazing.  I actually felt a very physical drop in anxiety right through my body from the top of my head to the deeper breathing in my chest.  I experienced a real feeling of heaviness and relaxation... it literally and physically washed right through me.  Well I was convinced.  Many thanks to an attentive, sensitive and knowledgeable Chantelle for giving me such a profound gift to use at will xxx"


AC- Brighton

 "As a result of Chantelle's coaching I am beginning to regain control of my life.  I had the ideas and ability to regain power in my life, but without Chantelle's input, I wasn’t putting anything into action.


We have worked on various areas of my life:  the most useful and significantly improved are:-


- My attitude to food

- My return to work

- My self-esteem


I have tried all kinds of weight loss programmes and every diet know to man but it was actually experiencing visualising what my life could be like WHEN I lose weight and what it would hold for me IF I didnt, that has helped change my eating habits for the better.


When we first discussed NLP, I wasn't totally convinced and felt self-conscious and a bit silly with some of the exercises to start with, but with Chantelle's explanations and reassurance, I have been able to use it in day to day life with positive effects and now use it in other areas, not just weight loss!


The Circle of Excellence was an NLP exercise I wasn't too sure about, but the more I do and use the NLP, the more I do know that it actually works!  Before seeing Chantelle, I was struggling with many issues, a life time worth of horrible situations and poor choices.  I had very low self-esteem, struggled with my weight, strained family relationships and out of control finances.  My future was bleak!


I was a little sceptical about attending but I am open- minded and had nothing to lose (apart from weight).  I wanted to get better so it was a means to an end.  Obstacles in my way were other people's scepticism, which I disregarded after consideration (the results speak for themselves) and practical arrangements, kids’ stuff, other appointments etc. but Chantelle is very accommodating.


I felt a little anxious and dubious - it can be very emotional and I often felt quite vulnerable during the exercises, but Chantelle is very professional, yet warm and encouraging, an excellent combination.  


As a result of coaching and NLP, I feel I am able beginning to regain my power to control MY life.  I have lost 5lbs; I have completely stopped the habit of getting up out of bed to eat during the night.  I make healthier food choices and consider the consequences of continuing the diet I did eat, something I never did before.


My financial situation is better.  I have taken action (rather than just thinking about it).  I am not rich (and may never be) but I am making better use of money.  I have a place at university for next February and through Chantelle's encouragement, have found a course that will help me to return to work that also pays the fees and gives me a bursary, an all-win situation!


Before starting my sessions with Chantelle, I was overwhelmed by the size of my problems.  With her help I have discovered that each problem has a knock on effect to the next.  We have broken them down into a manageable size and worked on through them using coaching and NLP.  They haven't all disappeared, but I have some great tools to tackle them.  I have much better self-esteem so I recognise I am worth the fight and I have a much brighter future to look forward to.


I have experiences with counselling and group therapy - I do not hesitate to recommend NLP and Chantelle as an effective means to greatly improve your wellbeing"


JS- Watford, Hertfordshire

"At the time I engaged with Chantelle, I was like the proverbial 'rabbit in the headlights', knowing that there was a route to take to get across the road, I knew how to get there, but I was lacking in focus, confidence and was beginning to feel that I was going nowhere fast.


I lost my job just before Xmas 2010 and was going through a seemingly endless cycle of looking for and applying for jobs with few positive outcomes which was beginning to leave me feeling disheartened.  I was beginning to doubt my worth and after you receive a few rejections you start to feel that maybe you are not good enough or as good as you thought you were.


I spoke to Chantelle and she suggested working with me to overcome areas where I felt I was lacking and to help give me focus.  It's strange that you know exactly what you have to do but still struggle to do it and also because you're so driven to achieve a particular goal, you end up losing sight of the simple things that will help you to achieve your goal in the first place!


My sessions with Chantelle were open and unbridled, so we discussed anything and everything and through opening up about various things from persona, to work goals, she helped me to focus on not just what I wanted to achieve, but how, with simple exercises to complete and target setting for myself.


What I found most enlightening about her approach was that she was not overly directing but through simple questioning and scenarios she helped me to find the answers that I knew I had, but because of where I was at that time mentally and emotionally, I could not clearly see them.  I also liked that I could be as open as I wanted to be and that in turn helped me to see things in a different light.


I learnt a lot about myself through these sessions.  We set realistic goals to achieve to help develop and refocus myself and have no doubt that those sessions helped me to avoid the blinding light and cross the road safely to my destination, a new job and self-improved confidence.  I have no doubt that should I feel the need to enlist a life coach to support me in whatever I want to do, I will definitely call on Chantelle and would certainly recommend her".


TH - Bedfordshire

"I always enjoy talking to you.  I often have a good old moan about various things that are getting me down, but after speaking to you, you always help me to see things from a different perspective and I feel better about what was bothering me.  It's good, I like it"


DH - Hatfield, Hertfordshire

"Before going for my first session with Chantelle I felt completely lost!  After years of addictions to one thing or another and feeling lonely, isolated, unhappy with my appearance and miserable at work, I felt I needed a way to tackle the various issues I was struggling to cope with.  I would say that my main issue was being overweight and feeling lonely.  I was in a state of self-sabotaging.  I felt lonely with no social life because of being embarrassed by my size and typically, I ate more and more to bring comfort and to sedate myself from those feelings, which just piled on the pounds.


I discussed my many fears with Chantelle and one by one she helped me to realise just how strong a person I really was.  She reminded me of how far I had come from the person I had been several years before, especially overcoming my most serious addiction to alcohol.  I began to realise how one problem was creating another.


She then asked me the most crucial question of all, and that was "what did I want to change?”  For the first time I had to really think about what it was that I wanted, as opposed to what I didn't want.


We looked into what was motivating me for wanting things, in order to really get me connected to my goals, and then set about how I was going to achieve them.  I am not going to pretend it has been an easy journey, I have really had to look at myself but it has helped me gain a better understanding of who I am, but more importantly, to respect and really love myself.  


The great thing is that as a result of my personal development, I am now using what I have learned to support my family members and they are now making great improvements in their own lives.


I really found the NLP exercises helpful, even if I didn’t at first understand what I was doing.  I just trusted Chantelle to suggest what was right for me at the time, but they did work and made so much sense after.  What I really found useful was that she listened, challenged me at times and asked really helpful questions to which I had to find the answers - my own answers!!


I have had years of therapy and counselling and found Chantelle's style of coaching and NLP really beneficial in helping to move me forward rather than always thinking about the past and what went wrong and thinking it was always going to be that way because it had been before.  I was so wrong, my life has moved forward in ways I once only dreamt about.


Making just one step to change one area has affected my whole life.  I got promotion at work, I now exercise regularly and love it, I have dropped 4 dress sizes and feel far happier with my appearance and size.  I have been on holiday abroad twice and made new friends in the processed and have a new romantic relationship after using my new found confidence and courage to do the asking.  


All of this because I took that first step to invested in me!  


I am going to continue on this journey of self-discovery which has had such a profound affect on me that now I want to train as a life coach so that I can help others.  I don't believe any of this would have been possible without Chantelle's guidance and support.  Chantelle has continued to be a source of guidance and inspiration to me.  I would highly recommend her".


FB - Watford, Hertfordshire

"What a wonderful and relaxing experience, a peaceful environment and great practitioner.  The head massage was very beneficial leaving me clear in mind and revitalised in body.  I so recommend this treatment to everyone to gain the wonderful benefit for body and soul"


DB - Watford, Hertfordshire

“I felt very relaxed, which was very much needed with so much going on, you made me feel that.  I zoned out but was very aware of what was going on with the body and you.  I felt you gave such warmth and also at times I could really feel the heat coming through your hands from the Reiki.  Thank you so much for the experience"


CY - Hemel Hempstead


" I came to see you because my sciatica was playing up!  What you did has really helped to alleviate the pain and discomfort I had been feeling, and was really relaxing in the process.  I look forward to my monthly massages and particularly like the peaceful and calming atmosphere you create".


VC - Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire

"That Reiki healing was strange.  I was very sceptical about it but gave it a go because I was feeling so overwhelmed and desperate.  I can honestly say that despite my tears and emotional state (which you assured me is quite a natural response), I actually felt relaxed and at peace which is something I have not been able to feel for so long, that I cannot even remember - thank you"


TP - Watford, Hertfordshire

"Healing hands? Most definitely!  That acupressure massage is strangely relaxing but invigorating at the same time.  How is that possible?  However it is done, I really enjoyed it and look forward to my next treatment and making it a regular thing"


JP - Bushey, Hertfordshire



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"This is your world, shape it or someone will shape it for you!"

"I contacted Chantelle to get help with a painful right hip/leg/sacral joint. I had been suffering from restriction, pain, and discomfort in this area for 3 months and it had got to the point where I could no longer sit on a regular chair, I had trouble driving, walking, and standing for any length of time, which all-in-all, of course, affected my everyday life.


I have always been open to body work sessions as I fully believe that they are a perfect complement to helping release emotions and experiences that have got stuck in the physical body. The MyoFascial Release work has enforced this belief even further as the hugely important web of fascia connecting everything in our body has shown me that all pieces and parts are important and are affected by how we lead our lives.


Chantelle’s gentle, precise, and very conscientious approach had me trust her from day one. She could tell me things about my body that I hadn’t noticed myself. The sometimes very fine adjustments, shifts, and manipulation she does has HUGE effects. Something that still baffles me, but for which I am eternally grateful. :)


Thanks to Chantelle’s work I am now able to live my life more or less as ‘normal’. I still need to be careful about over exerting myself, but the restriction that was there, the pain and discomfort is 95% gone, and I expect to have restored strength and full flexibility very soon.

I wholeheartedly recommend Chantelle and her very talented body of work. She is an excellent and very perceptive listener who translates what I am saying, and what my body is saying(!), into a natural dynamic for my body to follow. We all benefit from making sure our fascia is taken care of!


Thank you, Chantelle!"      M Beack

" Hi Chantelle. I have been coming to your shop for therapy since it opened recently.  I have really enjoyed my treatment and meeting the wonderful people that come there.  As i find it hard to get out, as I am really concious of my size and lack of confidence.  Well done, great place.  

MW  Watford

" 5 Stars! The staff are so lovely, kind and welcoming. Nobody judges you and feel completely at ease. The client's are lovely and friendly too. I love coming to this great place. Give it a try you will not be disappointed!"  

SM  South Oxhey

"I am really enjoying the treatments, it's a shame this kind of centre did not open in the area years ago.  Vey helpful and friendly staff and management.  

NL  South Oxhey

"This is absolutely brilliant, I feel so good after only one week, thanks Chantelle"

JG Carpenders Park

Had a hot stone massage this evening, first time ever. Wow the best massage ever for relaxing not just the body but also the mind. If you want to give yourself a rest from the wind and the rain and the hassles of life. Head on down to Watford Holistic Therapy and have a massage. I left feeling great thanks C.

"I have benefited greatly from Chantelle's treatments, especially her hot stone massage. After suffering back pain after having someone crash into the back of my car, treatment from Chantelle has help loosen the muscles in my back and offer me far more comfort in life. After treatments I'm left feeling like I have a greater range of movement and am pain free for days. I would recommend her to anyone. She is very professional and offers a soothing and relaxing environment for complete relaxation during treatment. 5 stars :)"   TL  Watford