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Treatment List



Please note that I do NOT provide any sexual favours or 'extras'.  I am professionally trained and qualified and expect to be able to work without fear of harassment or offence.   ALL inappropriate behaviour will always be reported to the police.  Thank you.

I work in and around the Watford area.  Mobile visits - please add £15.00 to the prices listed below.  My prices are for my time of 30 mins or 60 mins, please aim to arrive on time for your appointment as late arrivals will result in your treatment time being reduced (discretionary).  Thank you.


Indian Head Massage    

A therapy carried out on the head, face, shoulders, upper arms and upper back. Deeply relaxing yet invigorating and is an excellent aid to nourishing the scalp to aid healthy hair growth.

30 mins    £20.00



Swedish/Holistic Massage (Full Body)

This massage uses a combination of targeted massage techniques to ease tired muscles, leaving you feeling restored, calm and refreshed.  Perfect for indulgence, to de-stress as well as helping to eliminate aches and pains.  Leave feeling totally rejunivated.  

60 mins    £40.00  



Neck, Back and Shoulder Massage

We target those areas where most of us hold our tension.  Using a combination of massage techniques, including deep tissue and trigger point release therapy.

Optional hot stones to deeply enhance your therapeutic experience.  Working the whole back but focussing on specific areas of tension as required.




Hands and Feet Massage

Targeted attention on the tendons and ligaments to reduce muscle fatigue, relieve every day aches and pains, reduce inflammation, and encourage joint mobility. Includes arms and lower leg.

45 mins    £30.00



Myofacial Release Therapy

Focus is on rehabilitating connective tissue (fascia) restrictions, aimed to support structural rebalancing, reduce/eliminate pain and restore motion and flexibility.  This treatment is physical yet extremely restorative and relaxing.  It works on the whole person - not just with the physical body, but also with the psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of being -  this treatment uses touch, pressure, contraction and manipulative techniques to the soft tissue to adjust the body’s physical structure.

Please note that your first treatment will require a full medical history questionnaire and posture analysis.

60 mins     £40.00



Pregnancy and Wellmother Massage

Focussed to support you through every stage of your pregnancy, to help to gain relief from some of the unwanted symptoms that you may experience as your body goes through the many wonderful but sometimes challenging changes as it prepares you for birth and motherhood.  

60 minutes   £40.00


Ayurvedic Face Massage (Natural Face Lift Massage)  

The aim is to relieve tension and habitual holding patterns in the face muscles and encourage them to return to a more natural state, thus improving appearance.  Aims to reduce and improve the appearance of under-eye bags, dark circles, frown lines, sagging jowls and wrinkles.   Subtle techniques on the face, head and neck also   helps to eliminate many other unpleasant physical and emotional symptoms associated with stress and physical disfunction, so although we concentrate on the head and face, it actually helps to relax the whole body.  ONE OF MY BEST SELLING TREATMENTS!!

30 mins     - £20.00



Hopi Ear Candles    

Helps to rebalance pressure in the ears, forehead and sinuses promoting elimination of toxins.  The candling process is followed by a gentle face massage, further stimulating detoxification and aiding your complete relaxation.

Allow up to 45  mins   £30.00



Reiki Healing

Reiki (Life Force Energy) is a completely positive form of healing which works on re-balancing the body’s energy system (chakras).  Beneficial on both physical and emotional level and is safe and suitable for all.  Please note:  Reiki is not connected to any form of religious teachings.  

45 mins      £30.00


Crystal Energy Healing

Drawing on the powerful healing affect of crystal energy - an ancient gift from the earth. The aim of this healing like any other energy healing is the transformation of one type of energy to another - from 'stagnant or blocked' energy which serves to make you feel unwell or stop you from functioning well, to balanced and harmonised, to aid healing and activation of 'good'  (chi) energy.   Incorporates the use of a number of crystals and dowsing.

45 mins      £30.00


Life Coaching  

This future oriented and empowering form of therapy focusses on you making changes in your life that you desire to make, but feel unable to do alone.  Support, motivation, guidance and positive reinforcement are provided in order for you to achieve success. Coaching is the 'difference that makes the difference'.

Sessions typically start at £40 per hour


NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

NLP gives you the tools to change your perspective on life, change your behaviours and create more options toward better solutions and outcomes.  NLP provides for rapid change and/or shift in behaviour and thinking patterns using a number of simple techniques.    

Sessions typically start at £40 per hour


Group Guided Meditation Classes (currently suspended)

£5.00  per person.  Monday evenings  7.15pm - 8.15pm. Booking essential as spaces are limited.  Please note that our meditations are not linked to any religious teachings.  All welcome, just come with an open mind and open heart.



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Please note that I respectuflly request 24 hours notice for any cancellations.  Cancellations must be by telephone call or text message and not email or facebook message.  Thank you.