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Detoxing The Mind

By Chantelle, Feb 1 2013 03:22PM

I just attended a Spring Detox workshop run by a good friend of mine (Sarra Moore at Fresh Natural Nutrition) which has inspired me to get ready for a Spring Equinox detox. Sarra reliably informs that this is a very good time to detox for lots of reasons that I won’t go into now, but knowing how powerful this period of time is it makes good sense to rid our bodies of all those toxins that do our bodies so much harm and generally make us feel heavy, bloated, irritated and so much more. (Sarra is the expert so I will leave that to her. You can get more information from visiting

Anyway, having a strong interest in the mind-body approach to well-being it got me thinking about really simple but powerful ways to rid our minds of toxins. All that excess 'stuff' we clutter our minds with that slow us down, make us forgetful and generally feel 'overloaded' to the point we start to feel stressed and un-resourceful. So here is a simple guide to a 'Detox for the Mind'.

- I know it sounds simple but get sufficient sleep! Lack of sleep has an adverse effect on the part of our brain (pre-frontal cortex) which is vital for the retention of information, the ability to solve problems and improve memory function. It is generally thought that anything less than 7 hours sleep can negatively impact on these areas.

- Instead of cluttering your mind with long lists of things you need to (or think you need to), write a 'to do list' which you can regularly review and update. Check items off as you go which will also bring a feeling of satisfaction. By eliminating these 'to do's' from your mind, you free up valuable space for more important matters.

- Learn to say 'NO'. There really isn’t anything wrong with saying 'no' to something asked of you. By saying 'no' you can free up time for more valuable or worthy pursuits, which could simply be doing nothing! Think about delegating; think whether you really want to do something or not. Are you going to feel resentful by saying 'yes' when you really don’t want to? A gently put and well thought out 'no' should really not offend, so learn to do it more often.

- Make time for a chill-out session. It really is important to make time for yourself to rest and regenerate. Just as you may diarise your hair appointment or the visit to the dentist, why not diarise some 'me time'. Give yourself something to look forward to. A stroll the park, going for a run, reading a magazine, simply sitting and gazing out of the window, anything that relaxes you emotionally, physically and spiritually.

- Eat that Frog! I am sure you have heard the saying before but it really does work. If there is something you are procrastinating on, a task that you cannot bare to face - get it out of the way by tackling it head on as early as possible. Stop talking about it, stop worrying about it, just do it and feel wonderful after. Not only will it be one less thing to stress about, but it is another item ticked off your list and also will give you a great sense of achievement and act as a springboard for tackling other frogs as they appear.

- Develop an exercise routine that you will stick to. 15-20mins every other day is sufficient to hep relax your mind and body. Even gently exercise will help to move oxygen around your body, get your heart working and generally release some feel good hormones.

- Meditate. A wonderful way to relax and calm a stressful mind as well as help to focus your mind on important things you want to devote time to 'mindfulness'. Take some time out to find some harmony and balance. I would suggest using different methods to suit.

- Get yourself a life coach if you need help to tackle some larger issues that are cluttering your mind and causing you stress. You will be surprised at the benefits of sharing and having someone walk the journey with you makes.

For more information visit:

Happy Detoxing x

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